Carotone Brightening Body Lotion – 350ml

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  • Buy Carotone Light & Natural 3 in 1 Brightening Body Lotion 215 ml on Your skin needs regular hydration. And because our skin can get dry and damaged as we go about our daily activities, it is important to use a good moisturiser to restore vitality to your skin. We also need protection from the sun and a good moisturiser will help to do this. Moisturisers restore as well as trap water in your skin which helps keep the skin healthy. When applying body lotion, it should be applied all over the body – from our face right down to our toes. After a shower, dry yourself and then apply your body cream of choice generously all over your body. While some may opt for body cream or body lotion, some prefer to use body oil which will give the skin an extra shimmer and shine. A good skin whitening lotion will help lighten your skin and even the skin tone. If you choose a quality skin tone cream it can help fade spots, scars, acne marks and other skin hyperpigmentation problems that appear on your face and body. For a fairer complexion, choose a lightening cream that will enhance your skin tone without causing any damage to the skin.
DSP 10 in the cream will brighten up your skin complexion in just 3 weeks