Dreamron Silicon Hair Treatment – 50ml

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Product Description
50 ML
New Dreamron Silicone Hair Treatment comes with Argan Oil, Vitamin E & Triple Action UV protectors to enhance its beneficial properties. Argan Oil is a rich source of multi vitamin that is very useful to restore the natural balance of the hair. It repairs hair damages and avoids dryness caused by environmental factors &excessive styling practices. The triple action sunscreen property & Vitamin E protect the hair from UV rays to avoid discoloration, dryness, damages and formation of split ends.
Benefits – Tiny droplets of Dreamron Silicone Hair Treatment deposit surrounding the hair shaft especially at the edge of the cuticle scales as microscopic film giving a powerful coating for the hair shaft.
– It gives extra shine & body to the hair.
-It restores the brilliance & suppleness of the dry & damaged hair.
– Helps to protect the hair from damages due to UV rays.
– Protects the treated color from fading giving an additional sun protection and avoid losing of color molecules from the hair due to smoothly overlapped cuticle scales after applying.
– Enhances the cascaded, smooth and shiny finish of the straightened hair.
– Controls the frizzyness of the hair and provides easy combing ability avoiding hair breakages.
– Added Argan oil is a rich source of Vitamin E that is very useful to restore the natural balances of the hair.
– Argan Oil hydrates the hair in natural way and locks the moisture, restoring luster & shine of the hair and it has ability to repair hair damages and avoid dryness caused by environmental extremes & excessive styling practices.
– Rich contents of unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 3 & Omega 9 in Argan Oil are a direct source of nutritional components for the hair that improve the strength & elasticity of the hair.
Expiry 08/2023