Innovation Infrared Remote Control Gorilla Toy

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Product description

Infrared RC Gorilla Are you kid's animal enthusiast or nature lovers? Here's Innovation's Crawling RC Gorilla that will give your children a fascinating time. Your children will explore this Gorilla and learn more about its movements & behaviour. Gift an Infrared RC Gorilla for him or her to play for some entertainment, and to learn more about the animal's characteristics and behaviours at home or during the evening hours of play with friends. Torch like Remote Control the Torch shaped remote control allows forward & backward movement, as well as the ability to pause or stop. The crawling motion with real sounds of a Gorilla gives the toy a more realistic look and feel thus entertaining your kids further. Mouth can be Opened & Closed The mouth can be opened and closed automatically by using the torch like controller and has a realistic sound feature which is sure to get your kids attention. Auto Performance This toy has auto Performance function for fun filled entertainment.