Stainless Steel 800 ml Sports Bottle

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  • Leakproof Spout Lid
  • Convenient Carry Clip
  • Large Size
  • Durable, Easy To Clean
  This Stainless Steel 800mL Water Bottle you're hard at work or playing hard, it helps to keep you hydrated! But more than that, it will help you stay motivated. We specially designed the bottle with lots of special features that make our bottles stand out from the competition. For instance, each bottle was designed to fit in most car cupholders, because we have personally experienced that feeling of annoyance when the bottle you are holding flies across the car as you turn a corner. Strong lifestyle bottles feature a soft carry loop, which was created after our team was frustrated by the rigid carry loops on other bottles that had sharp edges....ouch! Even more, we created fun, printed designs because you deserve a better bottle - not the same, plain, boring bottle that everyone else carries Please bear in mind actual print on the bottle can be different with the image