Krypton Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern With Solar Panel – KNE5169

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Krypton KNE5169 Rechargeable LED Camping is perfect for Camping, Festivals, Hiking, Reading, Loft, Garage, Car Roadside Assistance, Power Cuts & many more. It is lightweight to carry and durable to use. The product is a Unique, patented collapsible design that reduces or increases the light as you collapse or expand the lantern. Easily fits in your backpack or emergency kit. This will be the most practical outdoors equipment you must have, supporting your camping endeavors, hiking & backpacking adventures, reliable in all types of emergencies. Why settle for those heavy, oversized, battery consuming & unreliable lanterns that continuously give you hassle & grief? Now you can experience reliability and convenience at your fingertips & enjoy the wonderful Outdoors & Be Ready for any expected or unexpected Encounters!
*Color can be subject to Change Warranty 3 Months