Military Aircraft MIG-25 Remote Controlled Pilot 40 Mhz

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Military Aircraft MIG-25 Remote Controlled Pilot 40 Mhz This RC aircraft model will be a great choice for all aviation and military enthusiasts. Thanks to the careful manufacturing it will meet the requirements of every user. The MIG-25 model will allow you to move into the world of sky battles. It is also a great choice for a child as the first toy and to instil a passion for aviation. He will be able to sit behind the steering wheel of a plane for the first time. The toy will fill long evenings with carefree fun, develop your child's imagination, and increase their knowledge of how planes fly in the sky and work. It will develop imagination and allow young soldiers to create battle plans. The plane moves forwards, backwards and turns. It can be controlled by a remote control in the shape of an aircraft rudder. The frequency on which it transmits is 40 Mhz. Create your runway and start the adventure! Set elements: - R/C military aircraft - remote control controller Dimensions of the kit elements: - remote control plane: 27 cm x 23 cm x 9 cm - remote control controller: 16 cm x 14 cm x 4 cm Dimensions of box: 43 cm x 33 cm x 10 cm The plane is powered by three AA 1.5 V batteries (not supplied), the remote control is powered by two AA 1.5 V batteries. The toy is CE certified and complies with EN 71 standard. It is packed in a box with a transparent display, which makes it perfect for a gift.